CLAMPS 2 BOLTS 11/16″ X 3/4″

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Specifications for Variant SKU: 2BS038 Jason
Material(s): Carbon Steel
Minimum Clamp I.D.: 0.6875
Maximum Clamp I.D.: 0.75
  • These clamps are used on any fitting with a collar to engage the forward gripping fingers of the interlocking clamp. However, they are most commonly used on ground joint females and male collared nipples. Smaller sizes provide a safe and economical securing method for universal hose ends. The forward gripping fingers engage the collar preventing the shank or stem from pulling out. Tightening the bolts secures the clamp around the O.D. of the hose.
Safety Warnings:
  • Please do not mix Jason Industrial couplings with other products.

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