This Dixon 225 four-bolt Boss clamp is made of zinc-plated iron and is suitable for use with hose that has a 1-1/2″ inside diameter (ID) and an outside diameter (OD) ranging from 2-4/64 to 2-16/64 inches. This two-piece clamp has four gripping fingers to engage a collar on the hose fitting and ridges on the underside of the clamp sections to anchor the coupling to the hose. This Boss hose clamp is suitable for use in air and water service.

Hose clamps attach tubing and hoses to fittings to prevent flow leakage, or are used for hose or wire mounting applications. They come in a variety of designs to distribute uniform pressure over the circumference of hoses to bind them to fittings. Other hose clamp types are used for mounting, strapping, clamping, and positioning hose or wire. Hose clamps are suitable for a large number of industries and are commonly used in industrial, electronic, and automotive applications.

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Material Iron
Brand Dixon Valve & Coupling
Style Industrial

About this item

  • Four-bolt hose clamp with two clamp sections
  • Clamps on hose with 1-1/2″ ID and 2-4/64 to 2-16/64″ OD
  • Zinc-plated iron for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Ridges on clamp underside help anchor coupling to hose
  • Four gripping fingers engage fitting collar and anchor coupling to fitting

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