Wheel charger for 12V batteries provides roll-around convenience and features high-output engine start. Great for do-it-yourselfers, mechanics and fleet operations. Use for both slow and fast charge applications thermal breaker protects against overloads and reverse hookups. Heavy-duty 6 or 8-gauge wire, 6′ multi-strand cables flexible to -40 degrees. Solid-state circuitry. on/off switch. 2-1/4 hour 35-Amp rapid charge for charges in 1 to 3 hours. 2-amp trickle charge for charging small 12-volt batteries in 2 to 12 hours.

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  • Manual Wheel Charger for 12V batteries
  • 2 Amp trickle charge recharges small 12V battery in 2-12 hours
  • 35 Amp rapid charge recharges in 1 to 1 1/2 hours
  • 200 Amp engine start
  • Solid state circuitry
  • 12-volt booster/starter
  • Heavy-duty, powerful and durable for both slow and fast charge applications by DIYers, professional mechanics and fleet operations
  • All-steel cases coated with baked-enamel finish
  • Equipped with transformer cooling fan and deeply-louvered ventilation for high-performance and long life
  • Clear-view, impact-resistant, color-coded meter
  • Easy-roll, wide-tracked wheels
  • High-output engine start will assist batteries in cranking most engines under severe summer/winter weather conditions
  • Thermal breaker protects against overloads and reverse hookups
  • 200-Amp engine start for emergency starting
  • Will charge 12-Volt batteries of cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, riding lawn mowers, snow mobiles, 18-wheelers, wreckers, and box trucks/industrial conversion vans

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